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Important To Buyers | Cincinnati and Northern Kentucky Real Estate

What we do to represent you!

Selecting Homes To See & Showing The Home

We listen carefully to determine your needs and wants in a new home, from selection of area and price range, to style of architecture. We provide a broad view of the market, without wasting your time with inappropriate properties. We will position your financial strength to help you be the strongest buyer you can be.

Your Comey & Shepherd agent provides an important second set of eyes, to put property features into a market value context.

Writing & Negotiating The Offer
We will analyze existing sales data to help you determine an appropriate and competitive offer. We will act as a cool-headed go-between to keep emotion out of the negotiation and the process on track.

Financing Overview & Specifics
There are hundreds of loan products and lending institutions. A Comey & Shepherd agent will help you sort through a myriad of options to find the best solution for your situation, including offering the services of PNC Mortgage through our affiliation.

You will be a more successful buyer if you know up front what your most workable and comfortable price range is and how you will be viewed by a lender given your financial circumstances.

We are bound by fiduciary responsibilities to you as a buyer. We represent you as our client. We take these duties very seriously, which is a significant benefit to you.

Contract Contingencies
Securing a seller's accepted contract to purchase depends in large part upon achieving the right balance between offering price and terms. Following contract acceptance comes the critical performance of contract terms, such as the whole house and other inspections. We will navigate you through this delicate process, with an eye to the subtle shifts in the balance of negotiating power between buyer and seller.

After Care
Our goal is to serve your needs and exceed your best expectations and in so doing, become your real estate consultant for life.